The printed product is a truly sustainable product - as long as the right choices are made

One of the plus points of the recent difficult and transitional times for the UK printing industry has been a process of culling: the industry is now leaner, more modern and efficient and its environmental performance and, therefore, the environmental impact of the product has been transformed.

Client expectation and pressure has been a great driver of environmental improvements (especially the uptake of certification) and rising energy costs have provoked a small number of printing companies to recognise that reducing energy use is common sense for financial reasons. However, the main driver of the industry transformation has been, and remains, the dramatic performance and environmental benefits gained through technology.

Only thriving, financially secure, companies will be able to invest in these technologies. Mastercolour is at the forefront of print technology in all departments.

The rise in profile and uptake of FSCĀ® certification in print means it is easy to source materials from responsible sources such as FSC certified virgin fibre and FSC recycled (Papers carrying the FSC Recycled label have been verified by a third party certification body as being made from post-consumer and/or pre-consumer reclaimed materials).

Over 99 percent of our material purchases are Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ® certified.
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