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EMAS (Eco Management & Audit Scheme)

Performance. Transparency. Credibility. Just 12 UK printing companies are EMAS registered and 60 organisations across all industries – in Austria 3000 companies are registered.

Do not be confused by the name of this scheme – it is far from merely an environmental scheme. With a strapline of Performance, Credibility, Transparency it is a scheme for progressive companies that recognise the common sense in monitoring their performance in detail…and are willing to publicly report, after external verification, the results. Would your current printing company be happy to do this?

Additionally, EMAS requires publicly stated annual targets for improvement, followed by public reporting of success in meeting these targets. Does your current printing company do this?

Mastercolour has been EMAS registered since 2011. We are certainly honest, we are certainly progressive. Isn’t this the kind of company you would like to work with?

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Greenwash: Disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentallyresponsible public image.
Oxford Dictionary

In the undignified scramble to use environmental issues as a sales tool, a huge amount of misinformation exists – and it’s all aimed at buyers and designers.

There is no doubt that client pressure has been a significant driving force behind some of the recent environmental progress and printing companies are well aware of the concern of many buyers and designers over environmental issues. A majority of printing companies pay at least some attention to these issues but in many cases it amounts to lip service and / or claims that may influence the less knowledgeable buyers and designers. Buyers and designers need to understand the potential environmental impacts of the printing process, place their work appropriately and in doing so drive further improvements in the environmental performance of the UK printing industry.

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